Back to my love of baking

Back to my love of baking

To be frank I have had a really rough 18 months. In the past my go to when I am having a rough time is to bake. There is something soothing for me in following the recipe, getting lost in the process and creating something amazing from the ingredients. Then there are the added benefits of a great smelling house, yummy treats and happy children.

Often I get my children involved unless I am making birthday cakes – they are all mine as I always have a plan for how I want them to turn out.

Lately baking has been put on the back burner as there just never seems time but it is up to me to find the time and get back to the hobby I love.  So when I realised it is my good friends sons birthday this weekend I offered to make his cake. He always feels he misses out as his mum doesn’t bake.

With only one days notice it isn’t as grand as most of the birthday cakes I’ve made but I think he will love his Poke ball cake tomorrow. And the time spent is even worthwhile to see a happy nine year olds face.

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