Bullying. No Way!

Bullying. No Way!

Yesterday was the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence in Australia.  Once again my son’s school took a stance to show that they do not tolerate bullying by having all students wear red for the day and attend an assembly about what to do if you see or are a victim to bullying. I am so proud that they make this an important part of their agenda each year and that on this day as well as others they show that there is zero tolerance for bullying.

My eldest son has NF2, a genetic disorder that causes tumours to grow on the nerves – predominately in the brain, spine and surrounding core area as well as the auditory nerves, and restricts the ability for the messages to get through.  Currently it impacts his walking and over time there will be issues with hearing and many surgeries ahead.  One of the many things that currently keeps me awake at night is the worry that as my sons condition worsens how will the other kids treat him.  Will he become a victim to relentless bullying and how do I protect him?  I am sure there are many parents that worry about this as well.

Last night I watched The Project (news program) and they did a very interesting story on the anti-bullying movement with a video that brought me to tears.  And at the end asked people to not only talk to their kids about bullying in case they are bullied but also in case they are the person doing the bullying.  We must keep both in mind as it is the only way this will stop.

I have added a link to the video below in case you want to watch it.  Hopefully it moves everyone else as much as it did me.



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