Good Friday – Giving that they may grow

Good Friday – Giving that they may grow

Today is Good Friday and in Melbourne that means more than just the start of a wonderful long weekend that is the lead up to too much chocolate.  It also means the Good Friday Appeal which is the biggest fundraiser for the Royal Children’s Hospital.  Last year this event raised $17.6 Million and they are trying to beat this record this year.

Up until 2017 I had never thought that much about the fundraiser.  I thought it was a great cause and I would throw whatever change I had into the collection tins when I was out and about.  Like many people it probably crossed my mind about how they get so much support being so well known and what do they do with it all.

Life all changed when my sons health was deteriorating and we were trying to get answers.  At one stage we were at the hospital every week.  The staff there are amazing with both kids and parents and it is a world class hospital.  My son has since been diagnosed with NF2 which is a rare genetic disorder and he has constant appointment and tests.  We are so lucky to have this hospital at our disposal.  For an 8 year old it is comforting to always go to the same location even if he is seeing multiple doctors and nurses.

Why I am highlighting this?  So that people that aren’t needing to go to the hospital with their children have some understanding.  My son has seen about 10 different departments/specialists at the hospital.  On top of that he has had three MRIs, a PETScan, two different braces for his legs and many other tests.  If I had to do this privately (and at the start before being referred and entering the RCH system I did) he would either be getting less assistance or it would ruin me financially.  He would also have much longer waiting times then he does in the hospital specialist clinics.

I now sing the praises of this hospital to everyone I know.  I owe this hospital so much as do so many other families.  Some facts from the RCH website:

  • Over 48,000 children were admitted to The Royal Children’s Hospital last year
  • Over 85,000 children were treated in emergency
  • 322,000 children treated at the hospital’s specialist clinics

So this morning when I was about to go and buy a hot chocolate after dropping the boys at their dads I put the money in the collection tin instead.  And after publishing this post I will be getting on the website and donating to this worthy cause.

For anyone in Melbourne (or elsewhere) who thinks this is a worthy cause and wants to donate the website is

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