Adding variety to kids diet

Adding variety to kids diet

One thing I love about my boys doing the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program at school is that they try foods that they wouldn’t try at home as everyone around them is eating it.

However at home the variety in our dinners is definitely lacking due to a combination of longer working days, being the only cook in the house and most importantly wanting to avoid the “eat your dinner fight”.   You know the one I mean…..where the kids tell you it is disgusting before the plate even hits the table and certainly before any of it touches their mouth.

So I have made a vow (which is now in writing thanks to this blog) that I will start introducing new foods and recipes into our diet.  The boys are aware that they must at least try each food.  To add complexity to my pledge I am vegetarian and my boys are not, and in general I have found that anything new I try is liked by one boy and hated by the other.

This week I have been on holidays which allows me a little more time to experiment.  Here are the new recipes and the results for this week:

  1. Crumble Topped Blueberry and Almond Slice – liked by eldest and not the youngest.
  2. Tuna Croquettes – thumbs up from both
  3. Haloumi and Zucchini Fritters – thumbs up from both

Plus my eldest told me he now likes cucumber.  I am marking this week down as a big win and am adding two of these recipes to the repertoire.

I will keep you informed of my progress with adding variety to the weekly meals and avoiding the food fight each night.

2 thoughts on “Adding variety to kids diet

  1. Good for you! It’s so hard to put all that effort in after a long work day, & have the kids go on with the “ew” & “yuk.” I actually served my kids hardtack & water for dinner once. I keep meaning to type up that story & post it. It was quite effective!


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