Old Connections

Old Connections

Some days I have mixed feelings about social media.  It can be a good/bad time waster, paint a picture of how people want you to see their life, a way to keep in touch with people who are not close by and, especially for me at the moment, be a great way to join forums and support groups.  One of my closest friends says that she can tell when I am doing it tough as I retreat from all forms of social media and “hide” from the world.

Recently I have used social media to get back in contact with someone I went to school with and haven’t seen since a friends wedding 18 years ago.  We have been corresponding with each other by text and phone for the last few months and yesterday we met for a coffee.  Even though I was nervous after so many years it was easy and comfortable – with some friends it just doesn’t seem to matter how long you have been apart you can just reconnect.

So I guess I can add another point to the pro side of my social media list (keeping in mind I am listed by my married name so school friends will have to wait until I contact them!!)

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