Confessions of a recipe addiction

Confessions of a recipe addiction

My name is Danielle and I am addicted to collecting recipes.

To paint you a picture:

  • I have an Ikea 4 Cube shelving unit that has nearly 60 cookbooks in it as well as others that don’t fit in (only my favourites make it).  Many of these I have never any made a recipe out of.
  • I collected every magazine in a cake decorating collection that ended up being 195 magazines across 13 folders
  • I subscribe to Super Food Ideas magazine and always pick up the free recipe magazines at the supermarket.  I go through these and tear out any of the recipes I like and may want to make.
  • I have three different folders where I stick recipes I have tried and given the tick of approval, and two books where I write other recipes
  • I still pick up recipe books to look at every time I go to a bookstore (I don’t buy them anymore – no room on the shelf)

However I realised just how bad my addiction is recently.   I have moved house twice in the last year.  I have a box where I keep recipes I have kept from the magazines but not tried yet.  When cleaning out some other boxes from the move last weekend I found another two boxes that had recipes in them.  After combining them my box is now overflowing with recipes that I need to try.  I don’t know that I will ever get through all of these but I just can’t throw them out until I try them.

I wonder if there is a recipe rehab I can go to somewhere?

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