Hi, my name is Danielle and I’m glad you have stumbled upon my site.

I am a busy single Mum who lives and works in Melbourne, Australia.  I have two beautiful, boisterous boys who are growing quickly and find ways to make me smile every day.  They love me for (or in spite of) my bad singing, daggy dancing, yummy baking and endless tickles and cuddles.

I love baking, being organised, working on my health and well being and surrounding myself with beautiful things, and I am often obsessive about any or all of these topics.  As a single mum I am constantly dealing with the challenges and opportunities that arise in both mine and the boys lives, especially as my eldest has complex care needs for a lifelong genetic disorder.

A hint of elegance is a space where I can share my inner thoughts, obsessions, triumphs and failures with those who understand!!!

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