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Good friends and birthday wishes

Good friends and birthday wishes

Earlier this week it was my birthday. Not a milestone one, that was last year, and so like most years I kept it pretty low key. I don’t like a big fuss made at work and now that I am single, and my boys still young, even at home the celebrations are pretty short lived. I’m thinking back to Mother’s Day this year when the boys spoilt me until about 10am before it turned back in to “Mum I need…”

So my plan had been quiet day at work try and sneak off for one train earlier and pick up the boys and fish and chips so I didn’t have to cook. I knew the boys knew about my birthday and, even though their dad had told them it was one day earlier than it actually was, that they had gone present shopping with him. The presents were hidden in the pants drawer – a poorly kept secret given I had been told not to go there.

On the morning of my birthday I woke up early got ready for work and woke the boys. They got ready to leave and it was evident that they had forgotten. Given it was 6am and they have limited time to get ready I wasn’t going to drop hints. Then on the train my friend had also forgotten. My low key birthday was turning into a non existent one.

Then three beautiful friends turned my whole day around and made me smile, as well as wipe away a couple of sneaky tears.

My friend at work contacted me and took me out to lunch, as well as giving me a very thoughtful present. And another friend and her husband booked dinner at the local pub for our two families because they believed it was wrong for me to sit at home alone on my birthday, especially after a crappy start. This is probably where I should mention it was the friend who forgot earlier on the train!

It was a great dinner full of laughter and stories, good food and a glass of wine.

By the way my children had remembered by the time I picked them up from after school care. They had made apology cards and made a big fuss.

And my moral for the day…you don’t need a big fancy celebration for your birthday but it is important to make the day feel special. And sometimes all that takes is three beautiful friends who think you are worth the effort.

Old Connections

Old Connections

Some days I have mixed feelings about social media.  It can be a good/bad time waster, paint a picture of how people want you to see their life, a way to keep in touch with people who are not close by and, especially for me at the moment, be a great way to join forums and support groups.  One of my closest friends says that she can tell when I am doing it tough as I retreat from all forms of social media and “hide” from the world.

Recently I have used social media to get back in contact with someone I went to school with and haven’t seen since a friends wedding 18 years ago.  We have been corresponding with each other by text and phone for the last few months and yesterday we met for a coffee.  Even though I was nervous after so many years it was easy and comfortable – with some friends it just doesn’t seem to matter how long you have been apart you can just reconnect.

So I guess I can add another point to the pro side of my social media list (keeping in mind I am listed by my married name so school friends will have to wait until I contact them!!)