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Product review: Pleasant State glass cleaner

Product review: Pleasant State glass cleaner

About a month ago, I wrote about my desire to start moving my cleaning products to align more with my values as I had previously done with others things in my house. This included reusable containers, refillable product that comes in recyclable/compostable packaging, Australian businesses, and natural ingredients.

And after my search was complete I decided to try the range from Pleasant State. I ordered the kit and promised to provide a review.

Please note this is an independent review and I did not receive product or payment for this review (just letting you know as the following is a glowing review)

At this stage I have only tried the glass cleaner as, keeping with my aim to reduce waste, I am using up my current products first.

However I am singing the praises of this glass cleaner and I cannot wait to try the multi purpose and the bathroom cleaner.

Firstly can I say the smell is amazing. The mandarin and lemon myrtle essential oils (yes I checked before writing to make sure I got this right) leave a fresh and natural fragrance that is not overpowering. When I dropped the bar in the water to let it dissolve I did keep going back to smell it.

However I was slightly sceptical about how well it would clean given it doesn’t have the ingredients I have used in the past. The mirrors in my bathroom were a breeze and were clean and streak free with very little effort.

The showers screens however are very old as I am waiting for my bathrooms renovations to start (delays from continual lockdowns in Melbourne is a whole separate blog post). To my surprise not only did it clean well but they are the cleanest they have been in the 4 years I have lived in this house. Clean with no streaks or smears. And after having a shower the next morning they still looked clean. I don’t know how they do it but I am sold. Hoping the other two products are just as amazing.

Oh and on a final note – in the last blog I mentioned the only box they didn’t tick for me that other companies did was a hand soap. Since that post they have advised their customers that they are trialling a hand soap. It is like they heard me and I will be one of the first to try when it is available.