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School’s back

School’s back

My two sons are chalk and cheese.

The eldest is a teenager and is quiet, reserved and a homebody. He is quite happy to stay home, talk to his friends online and be left alone all day as long as there is food and internet available.

His younger brother is a tween and is loud, sporty and loves going out. He goes stir crazy if he is home too long – COVID Lockdown was a nightmare for him.

They love each other, have each other’s backs, often argue and disagree on many things. However this week they are both in agreement. They do not want to go back to school. In Australia students get about six weeks off over Christmas (my eldest got a little longer as he is in secondary school). The time is up and they go back to school next week. While children think it is too short I think most parents agree that six weeks is too long for a break from routine.

While the boys are in agreement they don’t want to go back their reasons are very different. The eldest has anxiety and the thought of a new year level and the unknown it brings is much harder than remaining in the comfort of his bedroom. The youngest doesn’t feel we have done enough over the holidays and we have now run out of days. The waterpark beckons and we haven’t managed to get there.

So the final day tomorrow will consist of a battle where one doesn’t want to leave the house for even a second and the other wants to be out for every second. I will be caught in the middle trying to keep the peace while I label everything and shop for food for school lunches.

Bring on next week when I can take a breath, have a cup of tea and enjoy the quiet….all the while knowing the next holidays are about ten weeks away.