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Jam drops and life lessons

Jam drops and life lessons

My boys are staying at their dads house tonight and I often take the opportunity to bake while I have some time to myself.

Today I decided to make jam drops. I used to make these a lot when the boys were younger and they love them. They used to call them doughnut biscuits so it will be interesting to see what they call them tomorrow when they get home.

Jam drops had been on my mind as one of my boys had made them at school this week. Their school participates in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program which I love. It is one of the many reasons I wanted them to go to that school. It is great program that not only teaches them life skills of cooking and gardening but focuses on nutrition, teamwork and responsibility (as they have to set tables, wash dishes etc). Add to that skills in measurement, weight, reading recipes, following instructions it is an all round valuable class that I believe should be in all primary schools.

Hopefully soon I’ll get a day off and they will do all the cooking!

This time I made the jam drops with Wildberry Jam as it is my sons absolute favourite jam that we get from Black Forest Farm. Makes a nice change from strawberry.